In this book you will learn how to revolutionize the way you run your business and remove yourself from the day-to-day operations by systematizing.

By leveraging resources with minimal skills, you will use processes to train them to perform in your place just as you would using your mindshare.

Imagine if your business was on autopilot as you pursue new strategies for growth, start a new venture or spend time with your family.

This book will provide you with practical insights that you can use today.

Contains documented interviews with the following and more:

Peldi @peldi CEO of Balsamiq Mockups

Justin Cooke @EmpireFlippers Co-Founder of Empire Flippers

Cam Collins @CamCollins formally CEO of recently acquired Exuma Technologies


You get the 101 page PDF book. Plus 2 bonus audio interviews approx.

60 minutes
Rob Walling, Founder of getDrip and MicroConf - @robwalling

Brian Casel founder of AudienceOps - @CasJam.